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Friday, December 15 2017 @ 01:23 AM EST

The African Society for Toxicological Sciences is an international organization of toxicologists, including professionals as well as students and trainees in related fields.

The organization's mission is to create awareness of existing and potential toxicological issues that constitute hazards for populations and the ecosystems o­n the African continent.

The Society will strive to promote human health and a safe environment through research and education. Members are available to share their specialized knowledge with government, industry, and non-profit or non-governmental organizations (NGO).


· To promote the development of relevant curricula in toxicological sciences among institutions of higher learning in Africa

· To create awareness of African toxicological issues in scientific and medical circles worldwide

· To provide expertise in medical, veterinary, and environmental toxicology to African governments, organizations, institutions of higher learning, and the international community o­n issues of toxicology relevant to Africa

· To encourage and foster self-sustaining partnerships between the pharmaceutical and chemical Industries and government, private, and NGO sectors in Africa that promote the safety and health of Africans and their resources

· To act as a liaison with other toxicological and scientific organizations globally o­n behalf of Africa

· To create public awareness of activities that might lead to toxicological problems or health hazards o­n the continent of Africa

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